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6 Traffic Camera Vulnerabilities

6 Traffic Camera Vulnerabilities Nobody Told You About

Implementation of the traffic cameras in the name of security can sometimes go wrong. Some individuals have fallen prey to violation of privacy. If you have a victim of traffic rules mishap, you can consult an accident attorney in Ruston LA from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess for proper legal assistance.

Traffic cameras are always a friend to a victim. We will now discuss some of the cases where traffic cameras are more of a disadvantage for many.

  1. Poor quality & Incorrect results:

If you are into driving there is a greater chance that you receive a traffic camera violation notice every now or then. The notice comes with the amount you have to pay for violating the traffic rules. But what if he received a notice for a violation that wasn’t your fault? Who is responsible in the case that the camera is not working properly? As per government rules, the cameras need to be checked regularly. But rarely does that happen. Moreover, cameras used in traffic signals are not of high quality. The blurred image misleads the officer and tickets can be sent to the wrong person as well. 

Not necessarily the owner of the car is always driving. So it is completely wrong to charge the person who is not a part of the mishap. The driver needs to pay the fine, not the car owner. You can consult our Ruston car accident lawyer when you don’t wish to pay the amount for the mistake that you have not committed.

2. Sudden speed change:

Does the presence of traffic cameras make you more conscious? Well, that can be a major reason for the accident. To avoid the watching eyes of the traffic cameras, drivers often lower their speed which causes accidents. A sudden change in the speed of the front vehicle puzzles the diver in the other vehicle. Unable to take instant decisions, there is a greater chance of collision. Even some drivers drive below the speed limit to avoid getting a traffic camera ticket which can also be another cause of a road accident. 

3. Poor conduct of drivers:

Known with the points that hold traffic cameras, drivers lower their speeds and maintain the traffic rules. But at the same time, they are also aware of the places that don’t hold traffic cameras. And thus they become careless and drive recklessly. Places with no cameras are more prone to accidents due to speeding. Thus this proves that the implementation of the traffic cameras doesn’t change the behavior of the drivers nor does it minimizes road accidents.

4. More of a revenue-generating machine:

Can you estimate the amount drawn through traffic camera ticketing? The amount will shock you! Hundreds of drivers are fined regularly. Let’s not forget about the late fee when you fail to pay within the due date. Though primarily the amount might seem minimal, cumulatively it adds up to a huge amount. Thus, for most Americans, traffic cameras are for collecting revenues and not for traffic safety.

5. No accuser to blame:

In the case where your number is misread by the officer due to the haziness of the camera, you can’t blame anyone. Many a time, drivers become a victim of the same. And in the absence of the accuser, they have to pay the fine. If you think that you are a victim of the same, then you need to consult an accident attorney in Ruston LA at once.

6. Bridge of privacy:

Do you know how easy it is to hack into the traffic camera security system and manipulate data? Yes, traffic cameras can be used against you and the faulty party can erase all evidence and leave you with nothing to fight for. It can become quite a challenge to prove your innocence when you have insufficient evidence. However, with the help of an experienced accident attorney, you can save yourself from unfortunate scenarios. And that’s what we at L. Clayton Burgess law firm do the best. We understand your struggles and do everything possible to get you the much-deserved justice. If you or your loved one is denied justice, call us and book for a FREE consultation. Our expert attorneys will guide you with proper legal steps for a positive outcome.

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