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    It doesn’t matter if you are riding your vehicle abiding by the traffic rule; a sudden wrong turn from another driver can lead to a severe accident. In a fraction of second, your life comes to an unexpected halt. In the US, the rate of a motorcycle accident is similar to that of car accidents. However, the chances of fatal injuries and death are higher in motorcycle accidents. If you or your loved one is a victim of a motorcycle accident, you must avail of the services of a motorcycle accident attorney in Ruston LA from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess for your loss and suffering.

    Motorcycle accidents can be fatal, causing high-level injuries as well as death. In 2014, around 9200 cases of motorcycle accidents were reported in the US.  

    The aftereffect of a motorcycle accident is often traumatizing. Apart from the mental shock, it brings along hefty monetary expenses, especially when victims need to go through immediate hospitalization and surgery. Post-traumatic therapy is another added expense. Hence, you need to consult a motorcycle accident attorney in Ruston LA for a proper calculation of your loss and costs and getting the complete compensation.

    An insurance company never agrees to pay with the actual amount and hassles victims for an inadequate settlement. In a recent study, the Insurance Resource Council discovered that victims get 3.5 times more compensation when they work with professional attorneys.

    Searching for a competent motorcycle attorney lawyer is no more a hassle as our team of accident attorneys is here to serve you with the best resources. We have several years of experience in handling all types of motorcycle accident lawsuits. Our clients place immense trust on us for getting the maximum compensation. Don’t keep waiting for justice. Contact our professionals to get proper legal guidance.


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    Motorcycle Accidents Lead to Physical Pain and Financial Losses.

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    Causes of Motorcycle accident

    Passenger vehicles are the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. Many young drivers are inexperienced at driving in bad weather and poor road condition. Also, the number of drink and drive cases are higher in the US compared to other nations. 

    Here are some of the common causes:

    • Changing of lane unsafely
    • Driver’s negligence
    • Unsafe connections
    • Blowouts tires
    • Roads condition
    • High speed
    • Non-functional safety equipment
    • Debris on road

    You need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. Our Ruston LA motorcycle injury lawyer is experienced in handling all complex accident cases. We stand by your side and tirelessly fight for the recovery of your claim. We work on a contingency fee basis when you pay us after you get your compensation. Connect with us now and book a FREE consultation with one of our senior attorneys.

    Ruston Riders need to wear a helmet as per the law.

    A helmet is useful as it minimizes the impact on the skull and prevents any sharp object from getting through it. The inner layer of the helmet helps to absorb the external force.

    As per NHTSA, helmets prevent severe injuries of motorcycle riders. According to various studies, the use of helmets has saved 37% of the victims from death and 67% of them from severe brain injuries.

    Every accident comes with dire consequences. A victim can escape a severe accident with minor injuries. But, there are times when a victim faces the extreme outcome of a motorcycle accident like brain injuries, TBI, paralysis, and concussion.

    In 2014, a study by NHTSA shows that approximately 1565 people died in the states that don’t follow a strict rule related to wearing a helmet. Hence, Ruston has made it essential by law to use helmets while riding a motorcycle.

    Ruston motorcycle accident attorney

    A study by the Government Accounting Officer states the total cost of motorcycle accidents was approximately $16 million in 2016.  

    Direct costs include:

    • Medical expenses
    • Rehabilitation
    • Loss in wages
    • Damage of property
    • Loss of market productivity
    • Household productivity loss
    • Defense attorney cost

    It is never easy to collect a fair amount from the faulty party. Insurance companies always look for ways to paying the minimum, whereas our team uses every trick possible to get you the maximum amount. We are a team of highly experienced legal service providers who always look out for the benefits of our clients.

    The clock is ticking. Please don’t wait any longer and get in touch with our motorcycle accident attorney in Ruston LA now. Let’s build a strong case together and get you the amount you rightfully deserv