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They must complete 360 hours at a Louisiana Peace Officers Standards and Training Council Academy. As well as pass firearms certifications, background checks, and drug screening.

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    The number of law enforcement officers in Ruston is over 18,000. Everyday sincere police officers do their duties under risky conditions with a lot of stress and no thanks. The police must guard the citizens against injustice and danger. Any misuse of power is a betrayal on the trust of the public. 

    Most police officers are ethical and dedicate themselves to serving their communities and country. But some misuse their power and harass individuals. They infringe on the civil rights of the citizens.

    The Ruston police misconduct attorney from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess holds experience in handling cases relating to police misconduct. For years, we have helped the victims who have faced ill-treatment from the police and the whistleblowers who got out fraudulent conduct and maltreatment of power.   

    Officers mishandling legal action needs to recompense the victims. Don’t keep waiting for legal representation. Contact our police misconduct attorney today for instant guidance. We hold talented professionals who tirelessly fight for your justice.

    Here are some of the Police misconduct cases for which you can rightfully file a lawsuit:

    • Savagery of Police
    • Injuries due to Taser and Stun Gun
    • Extreme force
    • Evidence implanting
    • Intentional false arrest
    • Fabricate Police reports
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Planting Evidence
    • Incorrect imprisonment
    • Strip search
    • Profiling due to racial cause
    • Abuse in Prison

    Call our police brutality lawyers in Lake Charles LA at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess.  We work on a contingent agreement basis, which means that our fee is based on the outcome of your case.

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    Excessive Force

    As per law, a police officer can only use force that is appropriate for the situation. A Police officer holds no right to injure a person without any reason. It is the violation of civil rights when an officer uses unnecessary force or cruelty which results in injury or death of the person. In such a case, justice must prevail and a victim can seek compensation for injuries or the death of a person.

    Use of taser and stun gun

    According to the recent reports, more than 905 unarmed and non-threatening people became victims of stun guns. The use of Taser at excessive rates can cause high-level injuries due to electrocution at repeated intervals. 


    Police officers are only permitted to use their guns in severe situations. According to law, guns should be the last option for police offers. In case of an unjustified shooting, a victim has all the rights to file a lawsuit. You can take help from our police brutality lawyer Ruston LA for proper legal assistance. Our team has expertise in handling all complex legal cases. We will make sure you or your loved one get the right compensation for the injustice done by a police officer

    Abuse in Prison

    No police officer holds any right to imprison someone without any strong evidence. In past years, Ruston had witnessed many cases of prison abuse. Our Ruston police misconduct attorney holds experience in handling such cases and giving justice to the person or the family.

    Taking the right approach

    Money losses may be inevitable when you face police abuses. Filling a case on time is an important factor that decides the density of your case. If you miss the statute of limitations of your case, there’s a high chance of getting no justice at all. Hence, you need to contact our attorneys at once.

    As a citizen of Ruston, you have all the right to claim justice even if you are in prison. We help you in the attempt and make sure that your voice reaches the right ears. Our team knows every trick under the sun to get you through all complicated legalities. We make sure you get complete compensation for your loss. 

    We provide free personal injury consultation and accept fees when you get the compensation. Contact our team for a confidential consultation at the L. Clayton Burgess law firm.